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You could be wearing less makeup with the right facial treatment


At Marcus Medical Spa, our microdermabrasion treatment takes approximately 75 minutes and includes a customized facial. A powerful yet gentle exfoliating treatment, this superficial skin polishing is designed for patients who are concerned with light scarring, large pore size, and superficial wrinkles. During the treatment an aesthetician uses a wand to spread fine crystals across the skin while dead cells are vacuumed off using a suction device. The degree of exfoliation depends on the number and the speed of passes over the skin as well as the amount of suction, frequency and consistency of treatment.

Noticeable results can occur in one treatment particularly with improvement in skin tone and texture. However, results are best when done in a series of 4-6 treatments, approximately two weeks apart. No downtime is involved. However temporary photosensitivity can occur and it is imperative that sunscreen be used following treatment.