Fraxel Laser Treatment


Located in Redondo Beach, Marcus Medical Spa offers Fraxel laser treatments, which result in smoother, healthier, younger looking skin. Fraxel treatment is a safe, non-invasive skin treatment that removes years from your appearance without the risk, side effects or prolonged downtime of other procedures. For most people, maximum results are realized in just 3-5 sessions, which should be spaced approximately 3-6 weeks apart. Topical anesthesia is applied before the procedure and cold air is used throughout the treatment to minimize discomfort. After the procedure, most patients report feeling as if they have a mild sunburn; this usually disappears within 1 to 3 hours.


What is Fraxel Laser Treatment?

The Fraxel laser is a fractionated erbium beam which is able to precisely treat thousands of microscopic areas of skin, using pinpoint laser beams that penetrate beneath the skin's surface to eliminate old, damaged skin cells. The treatment stimulates the body's own natural healing process which replaces damaged skin with fresh, glowing, healthy skin. The deeper collagen beneath the skin is stimulated to rebuild your skin, ridding it of fine lines and wrinkles.

Because Fraxel treatment is so precise, it is safe and effective on delicate skin areas like the neck, chest and hands, in addition to the face. After the initial healing time, you can expect to see immediate results.The surface of your skin will feel softer, look brighter and the tone will become more even. And you will have progressive improvement over the next 6–12 months as the deeper layers of the skin continue to heal.


Benefits of Fraxel Laser Treatment

Fraxel laser is the first non-invasive FDA approved treatment of its kind. The treatment is designed to address fine lines and wrinkles, age spots (sun spots), acne scars, melasma, discoloration, uneven pigmentation, and irregular texture. Fraxel treatment creates smoother, healthier and younger looking skin with improved tone, texture and pore size. Wrinkles and lines will be softened with minimal discomfort or down time.


Who Needs Fraxel Laser Treatment?

Whether you are in your 30's and just starting to see wrinkles or in your 60's and experiencing deep wrinkles and sagging skin, the Fraxel laser treatment can help.Fraxel works on all skin types because it targets microscopic areas deep in the skin leaving the surrounding tissue intact without scarring or increasing pigmentation. So unlike other laser treatments that have not been as effective on African-American, Latino or Asian skin, the Fraxel laser will be efficacious.

Fraxel Laser Treatment Demonstration Video


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