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Dr Marcus and the whole staff are fantastic! You can tell he is really paying attention to every detail to be able to meet your specific needs. This is a Dr who loves helping people to look and feel their best, and the pricing is excellent. I will trust Dr Marcus as other needs arise! I've done Dysport, and laser treatments and have been very pleased with both types of treatments.

- L.R.

I've been looking for this type of place for many years. Kind, friendly, knowledgable professionals to help me with my occasional skin issues. Dr. Marcus recommended a Cosmelan treatment by Sheila for brown pigmentation on my face. I couldn't be more delighted by the results. Sheila is a gem and truly knows what she is doing. She made me feel relaxed and confident that I was in good hands.

- M.D.

Dr, Marcus is awesome. I first went to him two years ago to get rid of dark spots on my face, after growing up in Miami Beach and laying out in the sun throughout my teenage years. Dr. Marcus recommended IPL and it worked great. I had one stubborn spot that was resisting IPL, so Dr. Marcus took care of that with a chemical peel. He was spot on (pardon the pun!) regarding the types and quantity of treatment I needed. He's also a genuinely nice and very personable guy. He explains everything in detail and makes sure you are comfortable before moving forward. He also takes time to listen, which is rare for many doctors these days. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Marcus, especially if you are not sure which type of treatment you need. He is a wealth of knowledge and truly cares about achieving the best results for his patients.

(BTW, i read a review that gave Dr. Marcus 1 star, and which commented that he made a joke during the patient's visit. While I was not there at that time, knowing Dr. Marcus, I am pretty sure he meant no harm by that joke. Dr. Marcus can be very funny, which I personally appreciate, because it puts me at ease during procedures.)

- K.M.

As a 44 year old mother of two kiddos, I am definitely not trying to look like a supermodel or to look 25 again. I just was needing a little sprucing up. I was tired of always *looking* tired. I've been seeing Dr. Marcus and his wonderful staff for various things over the last two years. Dr. Marcus is so kind and patient. He really listens and will ONLY recommend what will really give you the natural results that you want. I have had several IPL treatments to lighten sun damage ( thanks 1980's!) and Botox to soften the scowl (even when I wasn't scowling) lines between my brows. I just feel freshened and like a brighter version of me! Thank you so much for putting a bit more swing in my sashay, Dr. Marcus! You are a doll!

- T.I.

I am so happy that I found Dr. Marcus! I recently moved to the South Bay & was determined to find the perfect place to go for my Botox, Anti-aging, & Facial treatments. Marcus Medical is that perfect place! I love the vibe of the entire office, the staff is so welcoming & sweet. :)

My first visit to see Dr. Marcus for Botox was awesome. I was very impressed, he is truly a genuine physician who took his time with me. He was extremely thorough in his approach and made me feel at ease during the procedure. He also made sure I was satisfied with my results with a personal follow-up phone call, which I thought was great. I will definitely continue to see him as my physician for all future Botox/Filler treatments, lasers, etc. I trust him & would recommend he, his staff, and medi-spa to anyone. The girls in there are wonderful & Sheila the aesthetician is also amazing!

- S.H.